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I am the reaper of discontent, sorrow, grief, and scorn. I am the king of the Liars, Scoundrels, Magicians and Thieves. The falsifiers are sent to me for eternal torment.
I delight in your pain, and I feed off your screams. Death would be a pleasant release in comparison to even my more joyous of moods.
Look unto me, children of God, and see your sins made palpable. Hear my words, and feel the growth of fear in your body.

I am not here to forgive you, for I do not forgive.
I am not here to judge you, for I only know my own judgment.
I am here for your agony.
Some call on me as their King and Lord. Some consider me their God. While they turn their backs on the Creator, I laugh. They truly are mine, then.
I am anger embodied. I have many names, but there's one you can call me now.
I am Mephistopheles.
And I can taste your fear, child of God.

Mephistopheles is a skillful artist at both torture and sewing, and has made a countless number of people into his own personal wardrobe. He has caustic saliva, and strong, talon-like nails.
Mephisto is blind. He is unable to see a damn thing. Having been blind since his descent, he's learned how to manage without sight, using a form of echolocation. It is not an exact sort of thing, since he can't 'see' small objects, and often cannot tell the depth of something. He has the ability to burn things mentally, produce unimaginable amounts of heat through his skin, and he is able to keep people from passing out or dying due to shock. He is able to teleport and phase through solid objects at whim. His voice itself is a power. It can be inhumanly low, and can cause people the deepest, soul-rending fear.

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Now, how does that feel?
-- Mephistopheles

Mephisto is from Faust, as well as The Black Halo and Epica - albums by Kamelot. His face is Sapphrine. No profit is being made in the use of these images. Go click on the link, the pretty man deserves it!

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